Rock’n’roll…Of Corse!

Some people’s fates deserved to be known by everyone. Henry Padovani, this Young 24-year old Corsican, who arrived in London in December 1976, is one of them. Actor and witness of a period when the alternative and revolutionary trend, the punk movement, arose, this... read more

Forgotten sound

Versailles, 1682. Louis XIV, the Sun King, settles down in the sumptuous castle with all his court. Just like the star he is the incarnation, Louis XIV wants to dazzle: the “Day of the King” was followed as the daily course of the sun by all his courtiers.... read more

Mandekalou, words of memory

Mandekalou, words of Memory recounts the recording of Mandinka traditional music by following the Western African griot’s history. Hereditary singers of praises, connected to the aristocratic families and to the royal courts, historians, genealogists and arbiter of... read more

Le Matin des Musiciens

Sacrae Cantiones – Carlo Gesualdo by l’Ensemble les Lunaisiens, dir. Jean-François Novelli. Show hosted by Edouard Fouré Caul-Futy on France... read more

Charlier & Sourisse

With their third opus “Heritage”, Andre Charlier and Benoit Sourisse invite us to travel through the paths of their musical roots, nursed by the organic and original elements of jazz: African rhythms (poetry of sounds and percussions) and European harmony... read more